I am Atul Anand, recognized as @AtulACleaver. I am a 14 year old student and live in Raipur, India.
I am a multi-passionate creator. I create content-based on coding, notion, my journey, psychology, literature, and entertainment.

Working On
  1. As a 10th grade student, studying for school is top of my priority.
  2. I am also actively try to make an audience and good connections with other people that share the similar interests over twitter.
  3. I am working on my website and sharing my journey over Twitter.
  4. I am creating a library template on notion for you all and will share on Twitter and YouTube.
  5. I am also on improving my English fluency.
  6. I am working on improving my javascript.



  • HTML5/4y
  • CSS3/4y
  • Javascript/~1m
  • Java/2y
  • Python/4m


  • Bootstrap/2y
  • REACT/~1m
  • SCSS/~1m
  • Open CV/~3m


  • Git/2y
  • GitHub/2y
  • Adobe Photoshop/2y
  • Figma/1y
  • Flourish/1y

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Kyokushin Karate/9y
  • Programming
  • Typing
  • Leadership
  • Creator
  • Organized
  • Extroverted


  • Fear for Every Animal
    (within 10m range)
  • Single-Tasker
  • Epicure
  • Forgetful
  • Strengths

You can know more about my soft skill from this tweet.

You can find all my projects here.

Many of them don't have a lot of graphics, so instead of showcasing it here, you can check all of them on there specific sites.

Sita Sharma
Social Science Teacher
Atul is very hard working, well prepared, know how to work on strategy, And above all honest. Little justified way to work on things will lead you to grab better opportunity n better future ahead. Trust in others will help you to reach your goals faster and will create an aura of a positive environment around you.
Vikas Bangre
English Teacher
My acquaintance with you since your admission to the school paved the way to unfold your versatile persona. You are so amazing. Apart from your academic excellence, you actively participate in school-based activities. I firmly believe that you will serve humanity with your skills. You will make each one of us proud.

May God bestow all upon You!