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I was in a creative burnout 🥵

Not to lie, I was in a creative burnout. I was putting content every day without any direction and didn't know what was next.

This means I was putting out content day-to-day, week-to-week without knowing the sense of where it was going. This led to burnout for me.

Consistency is everything, everywhere.

You must have it if you are a creator, "Consistency is everything."

It's everywhere. On YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc. Literally everywhere!!

If you're not consistent all the algorithms start hating you.

My Question

How can I make my Twitter work in a sustainable way? This means that how can I keep on posting every day without facing burnout 🥵 again!


Stop day-to-day posting

The biggest problem with me and most creators just starting is that we get on creating things on the day it is meant to be published.

This is the worst possible thing to do and for two reasons:-

  • Your content gets worse or at least not better because you're in like a schedule. "Creativity never shows good results under pressure."

  • Your content gets in all directions. One day you create content on x and the next day on y and z on the third.

Start Planning

Plan ahead. I'm thinking of planning tweets or the bare minimum the idea I'm going to be talking about every week so I know what to tweet on.

Ideas are the key

Ideas are the key. You need to have a system to hold potential ideas for your next content.

Get your head out of social media once in a while 🧠

I was out of Twitter for most of the time in the last two weeks and I'm so happy that I did this. This got me so much time to get out of this rut and understand the real deal. This got me time to work on so much amazing stuff.

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