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How did the book "Make Time" change my year?

2021 has been the most achieving and mindful year of my life...

From starting my twitter journey and taking it to nearly 700 followers, or earning for the first time in my life to paying for my MacBook 🤯.

This year has been crazy and I never imagined it could happen to me 😭.

Why did this happen to me?

Last year, I started reading "Make Time", a book that gives tactics on making time in a busy schedule, and this book changed the course of my year.

So, as I was reading this book, I made a list of tactics that I want to follow.

Most of these tactics were bit sized and worked with my schedule which made it really easy to add them to my routine.

Tactics that helped me reach here

Lately, I have been re-reading the book and realized that I was unknowingly following some of the tactics(as they were so easy to take in).

Method 1: Try a Distraction-Free Phone

This tactic led me to use my phone for negligible time. I had no distraction apps like games, Twitter, etc, for the whole year.

Nowadays, even if I download any distracting apps, I don't feel like an addict using those apps.

Method 2: Be Board

I already wrote an essay on why getting board is good and it is because it gives a chance to think.

So, nowadays before working on a project I go outside on my house's balcony and sit there with nothing but a pen and paper.

Method 3: Start out with a Paper

Paper improves focus. Why? Because it doesn't have anything distracting which helps you focus on the thing you intended to do.

As I said, I start every project with a paper or whiteboard where you don't have options to change fonts or check notifications, etc.

These tactics may seem small or insignificant but have really helped me become more creative and productive.

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