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I'm setting goals differently this year

Updated: Mar 17

15 days left for this year to end and I'm starting to plan and set goals for the next year.

But this time, I'm thinking of doing something different.

I'm not setting any new goals this year

Next year is different than any other year for me because in the next year I don't want to learn anything new but want to perfect what I have learned this year.

You can think of the next year as a continuation of this year.

Instead, I'm doing these two things

Last year for me was like a playground, I learned a ton of things, got good at some of them, and left some of them.

But this year, instead of repeating the same cycle. I want to take things that I love doing to the next level.

💫 Setting intentions first

The goal is not to read a book, the goal is to become a reader. — Atomic Habits by James Clear

This year I'm trying to create intentions or who I'm trying to become first. This is something @evielync does really well.

This year I'm want to become a programmer, a writer, a content creator, a winner, a runner, a minimalist, a prolific student, etc.

🎯 Goals-based on intentions

After setting intentions, I want to set goals that will help me get closer to my intentions like running 5k each day or writing a blog post each day, etc.

Goals without intentions are like shooting all over a bulletproof glass. You cannot break through it until shoot at one point more than once.
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