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Lessons I learned from earning $1000 online

Updated: Mar 17

I remember a time, I use to think about how these people made a living without actually doing a job. Creating content is not a job 🧐

So, I tried 100s of ways that can make me money. I even tried things like freelancing, starting youtube, etc. None of them worked for me.

How did I earn my first $?

I earned my first $ when I stopped looking for opportunities to earn and started looking for opportunities to do things that I love to do even if I don't earn anything.

You can imagine it this way, You had enough money to live off an amazing life but you had to do at least one thing that you love that can help people. Do that thing!

Three lessons I learned in this journey

I learned a lot of lessons throughout this journey. Some that are even more valuable than these thousand dollars.

Just start, stop worrying

He got 1000 followers in a day from writing that, he earned $50k in a single month of starting, he went viral from doing this.

There is no right way to start creating online. Everyone has a different path and a different journey. So, stop worrying and start creating.

Stop comparing, start learning

A sad fact about a lot of people: they compare themselves, the most, with the person next to them.

There is always going to be a person above you who has more knowledge, money, or experience than you.

And instead of being jealous of them, become better than them.

Make better connections

This is the best tip that I learned from @jwginn.

Good connections with good people will take you farther and bring more opportunities than hustling to earn a few thousand dollars.

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