Day 40: The journey has come to an end. Congratulation everyone for sticking with me on this long journey.

I have more or less completed my website #30Daysofcode #programming #programmer

— Atul Anand (@AtulACleaver) June 1, 2021

Day 39: As promised, changed the blog page and also changed the cards on the homepage.

Website: #30DaysOfCode #programming #programmar @jerinenicole

— Atul Anand (@AtulACleaver) May 31, 2021

Day 38/40: Some responsive changes to increase your UX(user experience).

Check my website:

Goals: 2 days left and thinking of changing the blog page some redesigning of the website.#100DaysOfCode #programming ✌️

— Atul Anand (@AtulACleaver) May 30, 2021

Day 37: Added a comment box. So, maybe put down some comments about my website what you like, what you don't...

I would most likely respond too.

Website: #programming #programmer

— Atul Anand (@AtulACleaver) May 29, 2021

Day 36: 5 Days later. Fixed a ton of bugs that I found on my website.

I am stable now and will make content regularly.

Website: #programming

— Atul Anand (@AtulACleaver) May 28, 2021

Day 35: Changed the links page and added a scroll-up button.

Webpage: #programming #code
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— Atul Anand (@AtulACleaver) May 23, 2021

Day 34: Changed the font of the logo and scheme of the webpage although not so sure about that.

Website: #programming #code

Follow and start your journey with me.

— Atul Anand (@AtulACleaver) May 22, 2021

Day 33: I have created an alternative to @Linktree_ for myself. It's not that aesthetically pleasing for now. But you know we can improve that.

I would love to get some ideas.

Check it out: #programming

— Atul Anand (@AtulACleaver) May 21, 2021

Day 32: Changed the footer and the logo of my website.


Follow now and get your journey started/continued.#100DaysOfCode #code @danieljhull ✌️

— Atul Anand (@AtulACleaver) May 20, 2021

Day 31: Made the website more responsive and focused on improving my footer.

Website: #programming #code

— Atul Anand (@AtulACleaver) May 18, 2021

Day 30: I have officially worked on my website for 30 days. Kudos to everyone who followed my journey!

Today, I created a 404 page and a word learned from @jerinenicole "multi-passionate" and added it to my about page. #30DaysOfCode #code

— Atul Anand (@AtulACleaver) May 17, 2021

Day 29: Today's work was fun. I created some fun stuff. Explored some more out of me. Made a section where I will put the things I am working on. I will update that weekly. I also created a strength and weakness section. #code #programming

— Atul Anand (@AtulACleaver) May 17, 2021

Day 28: Need some ideas for

Something, I can add to my website to make it more interesting. I am all out of ideas for now. The first 10 who reply will get my 'student's index' @NotionHQ template for free.#100DaysOfCode #code

— Atul Anand (@AtulACleaver) May 16, 2021

Day 27: Changed the highlighting from underlined to bold. I liked it a lot. It was my brother's idea. Other than that I changed the logo of the cards.


Follow me now and be a part of my journey and begin yours too. #100DaysOfCode

— Atul Anand (@AtulACleaver) May 15, 2021

Day 26: Added my skills to my about page and completely changed the content of my about page.

website: #programming #code

— Atul Anand (@AtulACleaver) May 14, 2021

Day 25: Updating a day later, I almost did no update yesterday. I am working on the about page. The change is a significant one. Hence, it is taking some time. I may be able to update you today.

Website: #code #programming

— Atul Anand (@AtulACleaver) May 13, 2021

Day 24: Added a product section to my homepage

Check out my new #notion template too: #code #programming

— Atul Anand (@AtulACleaver) May 11, 2021

Day 23: Feel Amazing, added a new product on my website.

Check it out: #code #programming

— Atul Anand (@AtulACleaver) May 11, 2021

Day 22: Completely revamped the products page. It has got a very cool hover effect and all. I am just gonna say it is aesthetically pleasing and you will love the site.

Follow me now and get on the journey with me#100DaysOfCode #Coding

— Atul Anand (@AtulACleaver) May 9, 2021

Day 21: Check out the easter egg. It's kind of a bummer. You get a twitter mouse pointer when you get to follow journey section. Although, I was focusing on my @NotionHQ template which is massive. Check my other template too on #Coding

— Atul Anand (@AtulACleaver) May 8, 2021

I have added an easter egg on my website. Find it out now. I will announce in today's day of code series.

Check the site: #programming #code
It's on the homepage. 😉

— Atul Anand (@AtulACleaver) May 8, 2021

Day 20: Felling the jerk, I got only one thing to do to end this journey that is the video about me. I am excited about it but, I am just hesitating for no reason. I am gonna try to do it as soon as possible. #programmer #code

— Atul Anand (@AtulACleaver) May 7, 2021

Day 19: This time it was more of external development. I launched a product of my own. A @NotionHQ template to declutter your digital space for just $1 or for free if you dm me. I although added it to my website. #programming #RIPTwitter

— Atul Anand (@AtulACleaver) May 6, 2021

Day 18: Big changes today. Combined the session page and contact(which I know was really bad earlier); and named it Collab. It is amazing this time. I have added a new page as you can see. It's for an amazing(free) surprise. #programming

— Atul Anand (@AtulACleaver) May 5, 2021

Day 17: I was wrong. There is a lot I can do on my website. Today, I created cards on my homepage.

Check it out: #programming #code
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— Atul Anand (@AtulACleaver) May 4, 2021

Day 16: This day was directly functional. If you don't know. The only thing left is to create is an about me video. I am thinking of taking some baby steps to get to it.

Check out my website:, #programmer #code

— Atul Anand (@AtulACleaver) May 3, 2021

Day 15: Added the testimonials from my teachers and fortunately there response was good.
My website is a pure form of #minimalism unless you at my #code

Check out my website:

Give a follow and retweet this. #100DaysOfCode #programming

— Atul Anand (@AtulACleaver) May 3, 2021

Day 14: Completed the blog with three things left. testimonials, about me video and my achievements.

Check it out:

Follow me if you are interested in @NotionHQ, #programming, #English, #100DaysOfCode, #happiness #productivity

— Atul Anand (@AtulACleaver) May 1, 2021

Day 13, No progress today. I tried to make a video about me. It's 30, so a lot of reflection and goal making. Sorry, for the people who were following my progress.

Check my website and collaborate with me on the session tab: #programmer

— Atul Anand (@AtulACleaver) April 30, 2021

Day 12: Re-vamped the blog page. Now, you can check all the blogs on my page. I was inspired by @AliAbdaal's blog(Fun Fact: I started making my own page after his video. I just wanna thank him for that) #programming

— Atul Anand (@AtulACleaver) April 29, 2021

Day 11: Created the sessions page. This is dedicated to the audience that is looking at my work. Hope this may connect more people in our community.

Next Goal: Make the blog page more useful.#100DaysOfCode #codingisfun #programming #computerscience

— Atul Anand (@AtulACleaver) April 28, 2021

Day 10: Improved the home page. Added Latest articles and making my website journey's tweets to the homepage.

check the page out: #codingisfun #codingislife #programming #computerscience #javascript

— Atul Anand (@AtulACleaver) April 27, 2021

Day 9: Completed the hamburger menu🥵woof.

Next goal: Making the website useful for the visitors. I have something in my mind(this is to increase connections between us) #codingisfun #codingislife #programming #computerscience #javascript

— Atul Anand (@AtulACleaver) April 26, 2021

Day 8: You always don't need to do the hard work to get the results. *20-80 rule*. Completed the blog page. It's all coming together just in 8 days. I am shocked🥳🤯 #codingisfun #codingislife #programming #computerscience #javascript

— Atul Anand (@AtulACleaver) April 25, 2021

Day 7: Completed the 'songs I love' page.

If I as a 15-year old using a dump computer that can close anytime or sometimes can't open VSCode and chrome simultaneously, you can also do it.
Just start. #codingislife #javascript #youcandoit

— Atul Anand (@AtulACleaver) April 24, 2021

Day 6: Achieving, I created a new favicon, created a new page for music I love so don't forget to check the page.

Check the page and join my journey by following me #codingisfun #codingislife #programming #computerscience #javascript

— Atul Anand (@AtulACleaver) April 23, 2021

Day 5: Much progress today. Gave the page a scheme🤯, Added some intro for my page may change it.
Check it out:

No Ideas for tomorrow; May think by tonight.#100DaysOfCode #codingisfun #codingislife #programming #computerscience #javascript

— Atul Anand (@AtulACleaver) April 22, 2021

Day 4: Crazy day, made variable in CSS, made the navbar responsive, made a cheeky little favicon.


Next goal: Hamburger menu, fill the home page.#100DaysOfCode #codingisfun #coding #coder

Give me a cheeky follow, and get started with your work.

— Atul Anand (@AtulACleaver) April 21, 2021

Day 3: Created the navbar. Confused about the logo and scheme.

I would love to get some scheme suggestions

Check the site:

Tomorrow's Target: Work on the logo and the scheme.#100DaysOfCode #codingisfun #codingislife #coding #programming #coder

— Atul Anand (@AtulACleaver) April 20, 2021

Day 2: Kind of a destruction: I added tags and divs to my webpage and classified everything into parts.
You can check my day two progress here:

Tomorrow's target: creating an div#100DaysOfCode #codingisfun #codingislife #coding #programming #coder

— Atul Anand (@AtulACleaver) April 19, 2021

It's now about 7 months, I wanted to start working on my portfolio. I have been shifting it because it is not a priority for me and every time I start working on it. I always get into technology loop hole. To choose this design or that. So, today I took a decision.

— Atul Anand (@AtulACleaver) April 18, 2021